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We request that authors submit book proposals rather than a full manuscript for review.

Authors should first familiarize themselves with MNMP titles in order to determine the suitability of their projects to the Museum Press. A proposal should include a query letter describing the subject of the book and the approach taken.

Questions to address in the letter include:

    Why is this book important?
    What are the unique features?
    How does it compare to other books on the same or similar topics?
    Who is the audience?
    Why will people buy it?
    Why is it appropriate for the Museum of New Mexico Press?
    How long is the manuscript (how many words)?
    If an illustrated work, what kind and how many?
    Is the book intended to supplement or accompany a museum
    collection or exhibit or is it tied to another event?

Please include a resume or vita, a table of contents, and a sample chapter and samples of artwork (if an illustrated project). Also include information on previously published books (title, publisher, year).
If author is an artist, please provide a list of galleries or museums which have exhibited your work.

Address proposals to:

    Editor (WS)
    Museum of New Mexico Press
    Box 2087
    Santa Fe, NM 87504

Featured Title

In Search of Dominguez & Escalante: Photographing the 1776 Spanish Expedition through the Southwest
Greg Mac Gregor and Siegfried Halus

On July 29, 1776, Franciscan friars Francisco Atanasio Dominguez and Silvestre Velez de Escalante embarked on an expedition to seek an overland route from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Monterey, California. Although the Spaniards did not reach their final destination, the expedition is widely regarded as one of the great explorations in western U.S. history for its documentation of the land and Native peoples in the Four Corners. The group—including cartographer Don Bernardo Miera y Pacheco, Ute-speaking guides and the alcade (mayor) of Zuni— circumnavigated 1800 miles of unchartered territory never before seen by Europeans, an arduous five month trip documented in Escalante’s journal, a widely read historical account of the exploration.
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