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Earth Now

American Photographers and the Environment

Katherine Ware, Author

Earth Now traces the development of environmental photography beginning with Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter through the new millenium. It includes works by Mark Klett, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Patrick Nagatani, Michael P. Berman, Dorinth Doherty, and many other influential photographers.


"leads the reader on an illustrated journey starting with the literal work of the survey photographers of the 1860s and the romantic idealism of Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter, and moving on to include other well-known landscape photographers such as Robert Adams, Richard Misrach, and Mark Klett. But the most interesting insights and examinations Earth Now offers surround the eclectic mix of contemporary artists who apply everything from documentary to conceptual art in their efforts to deal with topics like water and land use, food, waste, pollution, energy, industry, animals, and humans' place in the landscape."
-Orion Magazine


"a collection of important works by American photographers that tell the story of Mother Earth, from man's less than gentle influence, to his attempt to repair the damages. The pictures stimulate [us] to think about [our] personal relationship to the environment and to consider the impact of the choices we make as a society and as individuals."


"Ware's book is a valuable historical look at photographers who have explored, and in some cases, have advocated for the environment. This survey is certainly not limited to the Southwest or even the American West."
-Albuquerque Journal

Trim: 10" x 11"

Pages: 188

Illustrations: 25 duotone and 66 color plates




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