Museum of New Mexico Press


Buried Cars

Excavations from Stonehenge to the Grand Canyon

Patrick Nagatani, Author
Joseph Traugott, Author

This book is a sci-fi artistic creation from the mind of internationally recognized photographer and multimedia artist Patrick Nagatani (1945–2017). The book presents the mysterious recovery of twenty-nine automobiles buried at power sites around the world. The photographs document archaeological findings—at Stonehenge, New Mexico’s Very Large Array, and Chaco Canyon, to name a few locales. The protagonist is Japanese archaeologist Ryoichi (Nagatani’s alter ego) who excavates the twentieth-century vehicles. The book includes chapters explaining the paradoxical aspects of the project and sixty images of the buried car excavations.

Trim: 10" x 8"

Pages: 116

Illustrations: 38 color and black-and-white photographs, 17 figures





Hardcover $34.95