Museum of New Mexico Press


New Mexico's Living Landscapes

A Roadside View

William W. Dunmire, Author
Christine Bauman, Photographer

A guide through the eco-regions and down the scenic byways of the state's natural world, from vast rose-colored deserts that contrast with expanses of native grasslands to endless mesas, escarpments, fresh black lava flows, river valleys and rugged mountains; detailing interesting landscape features and the plants and wildlife found there.


"William Dunmire's new book informs the layman about the diverse ecology of New Mexico?but Dunmire goes well beyond a textbook explanation. He wants readers to enjoy the diversity. So he fills the books with an array of color photographs and gives readers routes to drive in order to view those ecoregions from off the road."
-Albuquerque Journal


"a reader-friendly, well-organized, beautifully illustrated look at the different ecoregions that define the New Mexico landscape. No lengthy hiking is required to view anything he discusses; all the cited examples can be seen from one's car."

Trim: 11" x 8.5"

Pages: 136

Illustrations: 139 color photographs

Folklore/Folk Arts




Paperback $29.95