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Navajo Saddle Blankets

Textiles to Ride in the American Southwest

Lane Coulter, Editor

Both maker and user of these blankets have seen them as objects to be worn out and discarded. As a result, they have not been appreciated as an art form within the Navajo weaving tradition. We have tended to ignore designs and weaving techniques particular to saddle blankets. Also we can miss the interaction of these textiles with the great cowboy culture of the West.


"The brief description of the Navajo loom and weaving setup is the best since books from the 1930s, and the vibrant illustrations show the development and change in weaving styles from the pre-Bosque Redondo period to the present."
-Library Journal

Trim: 12" x 9"

Pages: 144

Illustrations: 85 color and 30 black-and-white photographs

American Indians

American West/Southwest


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